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The audio department at Advanced Staging Productions utilises the latest digital, processor-controlled sound systems to deliver clear, precise sound for events of any size in even the most challenging venues. Custom system design is at the core of creating a sound environment that provides a comfortable, intelligible listening experience for your audience.


Our experienced engineers understand the importance of sound being invisible, by hitting every cue and delivering only clear and crisp sound. They ensure the it is the ONLY sound they hear.


Advanced Staging Productions specialises in difficult sound environments, both indoors and out and we customise our systems to meet your needs.


Among our services:

  • Custom System Design including creating the best experience for the audience

  • Digital Consoles and Processing

  • 16 to 64 Channel consoles

  • Digital, Multi-track, Hard Disk recording

  • Line-Array speaker systems

  • Live Entertainment support


The Lighting Engineers of Advanced Staging Productions can help turn vision into a reality through slight variations in lighting which can quickly change the ambiance of any room. With advanced CAD and pre-visualisation software they can even show you how that vision will look during the design process. Our designers create custom lighting solutions that magnify the drama of an event and heighten the experience for your audience. Utilising a wide variety of technology from conventional fixtures and LED to integrated moving lights and creative support solutions your event really shines!


The creative flair and design capabilities of Advanced Staging Productions lighting designers help create outstanding events that make lasting impressions.



Included within our services:


  • CAD design with 3D rendering and plotting capabilities

  • Pre-visualisation ESP vision software

  • Programmable computer based control systems

  • Martin Lighting Products

  • Clay-Paky Lighting Products

  • Complete Rigging and Power Distribution

  • ETC sensor dimming and conventional fixtures



Advanced Staging Productions is all about projecting excellence. Our clients count on us for innovative ways to create multimedia magnificence to deliver results. The magnificence is obtained by incorporating video display as the core content delivery, scenic stage design, distributed systems or a custom combination of all three.


Our Video Engineers are experts at bringing your ideas to life in a visually dynamic way through a variety of switching and display solutions. Multiple source formats, including HD camera systems ensures your shows flow exactly as envisioned.


Utilising leading edge technology, Advanced Staging Productions provides video playback, record, display and projection to fit every need.



Our equipment and services include:


  • Full HD systems

  • Widescreen & Blended projection solutions utilising modular screen products

  • A wide variety of projector options including the Christie 10K HD

  • Multi-Format camera & graphic switching systems

  • Digital Playback systems utilising the iMac Playback Pro

  • Digital Format Recordings

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